Sunday, 29 July 2012

Yao Yao Bing @ Rawang

Remember those younger days when we go crazy over ice potong when the ice-cream man come cycling your neighbourhood?  Well, at Yao Yao Bing @ Rawang, you can find a similar treat that can remind you of those old days.  The form may be different but the taste is exactly the same - after all these years, this stall still manage to maintain the taste.

Come in various flavours - red bean, assam boi, lychee, cendol and sweet corn - the crushed ice are scooped and packed tightly into a paper cup.  These inexpensive treat is very nice and refreshing on a hot afternoon.  Each time I go to Rawang, I must stop buy to buy one cup.

For me, the red bean flavoured ice is my favourite.  This not-too-sweet ice has a lot of sweet red beans in it and a right balance of coconut milk.

Yao Yao Bing
Jalan Welman, Rawang
(in front of TOTO shop)

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