Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Korean Food @ The Street Cafe, Sunway Pyramid

Tuck deep inside the Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid, you can find a very nice casual cafe serving yummy-licious Korean street food - The Street Cafe.

Okay, I know it has been there for a very long time and it did took me quite a while to actually bring myself to try a meal here.  Seriously, I'm truly missing out so much because the food here is really nice!  I can't believe it took me so long.

Their tagline "The Best Korean Street Food" is definitely no lie, at least in my opinion.

Korean food.  When this first come into my mind, I'll definitely say Korean BBQ or maybe its more famous dish, kimchi.  Of course, there are the other more commonly seen dishes like bulgogi and japchae.  But the menu has always been focusing on the BBQ dishes.

So, when I opened The Street Cafe's menu (KS & I were still deliberating whether we should u-turn back to the earlier cafes until we stopped here), I was quickly hooked to it.  There's so many types of dishes on the menu, and it was so colourful.  It just made me wanna sit down and continue reading the menu.

They serve a variety of dishes - bibimbap, ramyun, lunch box (this is really cute, served in real lunch boxes), toboki, raboki, buchingae and the list goes on.  If you're feeling hungry, you can order the Combo Sets, which looks pretty huge, with a main dish served with either a kimchi soup or kimbab.

As the names were a bit quite unfamiliar to us and there were too many to choose from, we decided to stick to the "Highly Recommended" and "Must Try!" indicators on the menu.

Jajangmyeon (RM12.90) tagged with "Highly Recommended".

Now, if you have watched enough Korean dramas, you would noticed this dish often being mentioned.  To be honest, I have never come across one and had no idea how it looked like or tasted.  To me, Jajangmyeon sounded very close to the Chinese ZhaJiangmian (炸酱面) and suspected it may actually be the same thing.

Well, in fact, the Korean version is really an adaption of the Chinese dish, introduced into Korea by the Chinese migrant.  In a way, it is very similar but then again, it is also very different.  The key ingredient that makes it different is the base of the sauce.  In the Chinese version, yellow soybean paste is used for the sauce but in the Korean version, black bean soy paste is used instead.

If you like food that are on the sweeter side, you'll like this dish as it does taste a bit like honey BBQ sauce or maybe the Japanese curry.  Served with pieces of grilled chicken (which tasted very like teriyaki chicken), shredded vegetables, sweetcorn kernels and cubed carrots,  the thick wheat noodles are covered with thick and dark sauce, that makes you feel like slurping the noodles like spaghetti.  It may not look very appealing, but it does taste nice.

Kimchi Buchimgae (RM 13.90) tagged with "Must Try!".

This Korean-style pizza, or more commonly known as Korean pancake, is so beautifully laid out, with a lot of spicy kimchi spread all over it.  Similar to a regular-sized pizza, it had a lot of toppings and the texture of the pancake gave that lovely gooey texture, just as though there was cheese.

I do admit it is slightly oily, but the flavour is tremendously good.  The spicy kimchi that have been used is very flavourful and gave just enough taste for the pancake.  The base of the pancake, on the other hand, had just the right level of thickness - thick enough to feel the pancake, thin enough to make you feel like having more.  It tasted so good that you don't even need the dipping sauce.  As an in-between snack, this would be a perfect treat.  I would definitely come back for the buchimgae again.

They always say the best indicator of whether the place is whipping up nice dishes is to see the level of crowd relatively to its neighbours.  Well, for The Street Cafe, that is really true!

The Street Cafe
Lot 197 Asian Avenue
First Floor
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Petaling Jaya


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  2. hai, is this food halal for muslim people?

    1. Yeah. It states that in their website too @ http://www.thestreetcafe.com.my/