Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lunch @ Palate Palette, KL

Hidden among the old shophouses along Jalan Mesui lies a quiet, relaxing restaurant & bar, Palate Palette.  In fact, you will have not noticed it if you were not actually looking hard for it.

But if you do, you have just found a very nice place to unwind during your lunch hours as it is usually not crowded (maybe no one actually noticed that it was a restaurant to start off with).

They have furnished the shop very nicely, with a lot of colourful murals drawn on the walls - it's as though you just stepped into an art class.  The ambiance is very relaxing with dim, cool lighting accompanied by soft music in the background.

We had the soup of the day, which happens to be pumpkin soup.  This sweet, creamy pumpkin soup is very nice, and to date, would have been one of the best pumpkin soup I've ever had.  I love the consistency - not too watery nor is it too starchy.  Very tasty.

For mains, we had the Asparagus and Smoked Chicken Pasta (I had the fettuccine while KS had the penne).  KS initially ordered the Grilled Chicken Aglio Olio, but the kitchen somehow messed up the order, so both of us ended with the same pasta.

The pasta is served in creamy white sauce topped with asparagus and smoked chicken breast.  I didn't enjoy this as much as the soup as I found my fettuccine not properly cooked well & hence, still has a little taste of flour and felt quite dry-ish.  On the contrary, KS pasta tasted much better with a lot more sauce.  Otherwise, I enjoyed the smokey taste that the smoked chicken breast brings to this dish.

Palate Palette offers set lunches that comes together with a cup of soup of the day and a variety of mains such as sandwiches, pasta etc from RM 13.

Palate Palette
21 Jalan Mesui
50200 Kuala Lumpur

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