Saturday, 9 February 2013

Vegetarian Lunch @ Café De Sky Garden, Old Klang Road

Last weekend, we met up with some of KS friend for a pre-CNY gathering at Cafe De Sky Garden @ Old Klang Road, a fusion vegetarian restaurant that our friend recommended.  At first, we were pretty sceptical about this place, but a few blogs seem to give pretty good reviews about the food.  Turns out, the experience is quite pleasant and definitely not a let-down.

The menu is quite extensive with many choices, accompanied by very beautiful and colourful pictures.  As we were the last to arrive and didn't have the luxury to go in detail each item on the menu, we left the ordering to our friends instead (who were also pretty indecisive as everything on the menu looked tasty).

First up for ala-carte is the HM Seaweed Saw Mushrooms (RM 15).  This deep-fried snack is actually a chunk of straw mushrooms with a piece of mock meat wrapped in nori (seaweed) sheets.  I quite like this dish mainly because of the crispy and flavourful nori sheets.  Despite it being deep-fried, it is still very moisture inside.

Next is the Potato Basket with Gong Bo sauce (RM 20).  A very close resemblance of the yam basket dish, for this dish, the basket is made of potato instead and served with mock cuttlefish and cashew nuts on top of fried vermicelli noodles.  While it is sweeter than yam, I find the basket a bit too dry and didn't have the creamy texture.  Plus, it was not fluffy enough.  However, the gravy is very delicious (although a bit too little) – thick and flavourful.  Slightly spicy, but overall good. 

We also ordered the Pumpkin Curry Vegetable (RM 18), which is very creamy and thick.  I must admit that the pumpkin taste was barely noticeable and lack some fragrance.  However, this dish is definitely a healthier version of the coconut-based curry.  This sweet and slightly spicy curry has a lot of mixed vegetables such as brinjals, broccoli, cauliflower and baby sweet corns.

After the three dishes were served, we realized it was not enough to go around for 6 person as the portion size is pretty small.  Since we had been eyeing this particular dish on another table, which looked pretty interesting, we decided to order it.  Turns out, the dish is the Signature Dish – Seaweed Popiah (RM 24.80).  

Instead of using popiah skin, it was wrapped with nori sheets (again) and dipped into batter before being deep-fried.  Then, the seaweed popiahs are beautifully laid on top of mixed salad and drizzled with a homemade mango salad sauce, topped with sweetened raisins.  The nori sheets and the fruity mango sauce gave the popiah a nice refreshing experience  which I find it as a good appetizer   And despite it being deep-fried, the sengkuang (jicama) shreds inside are still juicy and well-seasoned.

The only problem is at the end of the meal, it somewhat felt a bit too oily.  I guess it was because we ordered too many fried food to start off with – poor coordination among ourselves.

But otherwise, the food is tasty and the price is pretty decent.  For desserts, they have a wide selection of beautiful healthy cakes on display.  Not to forget, they have afternoon tea too, with a selection of mini cakes!  A very good reason to return again.

Do note that Cafe De Sky Garden looks a bit quiet from the outside as its neighbouring shop-lots seemed to be unoccupied or not open.  So, you may have to be careful especially at night.

For more information of Cafe De Sky Garden, visit their website.

Cafe De Sky Garden
No 6-14, Jalan PJS 1/31
PJS 1, Taman Petaling Utama
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel:  03-77810876

GPS:  3.080282,101.651768

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