Thursday, 26 July 2012

Dinner @ North 28' Restaurant, Subang Jaya

This is one stall which I strongly feel has been maintaining the quality of their food.  Since my younger days, I have been going to this restaurant for dinners, and until now, I never fail to crave for their food.

Previously, this Chinese "tai chow" stall sits in the restuarant that sells the famous pan mee during daytime in SS19, Subang Jaya.  But since a few years back, this stall has moved.  Now, you can find this stall at North 28 Degree Restaurant, USJ 4.

During the weekends, it can be very packed and sometimes, we need to wait quite a while for the food to be served.  If you don't like waiting, you better not go during the peak dinner time.  Otherwise, it is worth waiting.

The one dish that I love very much is their Fried Onion Chicken (洋蔥雞).  Until now, I have not found one that taste as nice as theirs.

As a young girl, I always pestered my parents to order this dish so much so that my Dad now treats this dish as a must-order dish on any special occasions for me (encouragement dinners, celebration dinners or even after-get-well-treat dinner..haha).

This juicy fried chicken is topped with generous amount of fried onion rings, drizzled with BBQ-like sauce.  The chicken is very tender and the plus point is that the chicken is not coated with a thick layer of flour/batter, so you get to fully enjoy the crispy skin.

Given the hot weathers recently, we were also craving for some soupy dish.  So, we ordered the Chinese Spinach in Superior Broth (上汤菠菜).

Served in a claypot, the vegetables comes with a very flavourful soup, topped with fried silver anchovies and slices of century egg.  I cannot stress how nice the soup is.

One thing I like very much about this stall is that the taste is not commercialized - a lot of old flavours and homey feel - something hard to find nowadays.


The Thai-Styled Fried Chicken is also something I liked very much too.  Topped with a lot of shredded cucumbers and onions, this dish has a very refreshing feel.  Not too spicy or too sour.

The Kung-Po Sliced Fish is also nice.  Unlike most Kung-Po styles, this is a bit less spicy, which I prefer since it does not masked the sweetness of the fish.

North 28' Restaurant
Jalan USJ 4/9G
47600 Subang Jaya
(corner shop fronting the Persiaran Tujuan, opposite the USJ 12 secondary school)

GPS:  3.045361,101.575609

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