Saturday, 14 July 2012

Frozen Yogurt @ 9 Berries, KL City Walk

NOTE:  Starting from 20 October 2012, 9 Berries will be operating from a new place at Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara.

Along the longest strip walk in KL, KL City Walk, lies a very nice, cozy little stall that serves delicious frozen yogurt (commonly known as froyo).

Owned by a very friendly Korean couple, Andy & Mimi, 9 Berries is very nicely decorated.  They display a lot of Korean items such as accessories, CDs and decorative items, all for sale.  So, while your taste-buds enjoy the icy treat, your eyes can feast on the goodies.

KS and I decided to drop by right after work to snack a bit before going home (and get stuck in the Friday jam).

1)  Korean style frozen yogurt

Unfortunately, there are only 2 flavours available.  So, we decided to go for the Original flavour instead.

We ordered a medium size (RM 6.90) and it comes with two toppings - cornflakes & chocolate chips (In fact, you're free to decide what toppings you want.  They  have choco balls, Oreo Biscuits, a range of fruits etc).

The yogurt is so nice!  Unlike the frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti, their frozen yogurt is very light and fluffy.  Also, the texture is very smooth.  Taste-wise, real yogurt and the sweetness is just right.

Just the perfect treat on a hot afternoon!

Note, I am no big fan of yogurt (never really liked the taste), but I actually like the frozen yogurt they serve here at 9 Berries.  So, you can imagine how nice it tasted.

Definitely will be coming back for a second round to taste the other flavours.  Maybe this time, I will go large (Large for RM 9.90).

And apparently, their frozen yogurt are made daily with fresh milk.  So, you can be sure the quality is good.

2)  Liege style Belgian Waffle

The key feature of Liege style waffle is the tasty sugary coating on the surface of the waffle as a result of the caramelisation of the pearl sugar during the baking process.  It is usually denser and chewier than the normal waffle we normally find - Brussels waffle.

This is my first time eating Liege style waffle and so, was kinda caught by surprise when it turned to be chewier than the usual waffle.

The texture is a bit like wholemeal bread and slightly on the drier side.  Despite having the caramelized sugar coating, it was not very sweet.

It would have been much nicer if it was slightly warmer to bring out the crispiness of the sugar coating.  But I guess it could be because it is almost the end of the day, and the waffle has slowly gone soft.  Maybe if eaten while it is still fresh would have been much better.

Still, it tasted great when eaten together with the frozen yogurt.  The combination is quite good since the waffle does not go soggy very fast when combined with the frozen yogurt.

They also serve yogurt smoothies on their menu.

For those working nearby, it is definitely worth dropping by this cozy little stall to sample this non-fattening, healthy treat.


  • If you are coming from Pavillion using the overhead bridge, just get down at Bank Islam.  The entrance to KL City Walk is between Bank Islam building & Impiana Hotel.
  • 9 Berries is closer to Jalan P Ramlee (right behind Wisma Hong Leong).

9 Berries
F4, KL City Walk
Jalan P Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur

(open on weekdays until 7pm)

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