Saturday, 13 October 2012

Pak Su Seafood Restaurant @ Kuantan

Going to Kuantan (for the very first time) was not a planned trip.  It was a pretty last minute thing (literally the night before) that my parents convinced me to follow them.

Having only less than 30 mins, I had to do a super quick research in the hotel to find where to have a decent seafood dinner and at the same time, near some beach.  Google "good seafood kuantan beach" and at the top of the list is Pak Su Seafood Restaurant @ Kg Bahagia Beserah, Kuantan.  That's where we went.

At first, I thought 'Hey, there's no restaurant here, It is all kampung houses everywhere.  Doesn't seem right".  But because the GPS seems to be showing that we were still on the right direction on Jalan Beserah, we continued (with fingers crossed).  The moment we saw the large signboard by the road, we were so relieved.

Pak Su Seafood is a halal restaurant that has an open area facing the sea.  Very good view and super breezy.  As the sky slowly darkens, the open area is lit up with little light bulbs hanging on top of you.  Really nice, cosy feel to it.

One of the must-eat dish at Pak Su is non other than the Famous Pak Su Stuffed Crab.  Having read about it in a few other blogs, I convinced my parents that this must be ordered.

The crab shell  is stuffed with a lot of crab meat (obviously) and some chopped vegetables, topped with bread-like topping before it gets grilled and fried.  For those who don't want to get their fingers dirty,  this is the best way to enjoy the juicy crab meat.  It may look very ordinary, but the stuffed crab is really good - juicy and well-seasoned.  Although fried, it was not at all oily.  Could have ordered a few more of these.

The other dishes, I left it to my mum to do the ordering.  There's the Fried Celery with Prawns.  Wow, the prawns are huge and very fresh.  The only complain is that the celery is very little although it is a vegetable dish.

For fish, we ordered the Steamed Fish with Soy Sauce (Can't remember what type of fish it is).  Cooked very well and the meat is very sweet.

Lastly, since we didn't had any meat for lunch (we had vegetarian for lunch), I was insisting for some meat.  So, my dad ordered the Fried Chicken Thai Style.  The dish is super big (either that, the plate is too small).  I love the sauce as it has a lot of lemongrass in it but the salad (cucumber and onion) is quite little.  Although it tasted good, but I think the taste is a bit too overwhelming and does not go well with other dishes.

A pretty nice, decent seafood dinner with a lovely view of the beach.  My parents were very satisfied with my recommendation and at least, for the first time, enjoyed a meal at Kuantan.

Food came pretty fast.  Not sure if it was because it was still early before the dinner crowds come, but getting the bill was super slow.  At least we have the view to distract.  Price-wise, pretty reasonable.

The only thing I dislike is that there were too many flies, pretty annoying as I had to focus on chasing them away from landing on our food.  Luckily, they started coming out towards the end of our meal.

Pak Su Seafood Restaurant
No 4/1417, Batu 6, Lot 922
Kg Bahagia Beserah
26100 Kuantan

GPS:  3.87582, 103.36636


  1. Mane halal ? Bg yg beragama Islam , sila boikot restoran ni .

  2. Mane halal ? Bg yg beragama Islam , sila boikot restoran ni .