Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Lunch @ Jalan Mesu

Lately, it is getting harder to find somewhere around the Raja Chulan area serving decent and cheap food for us poor working people.  With the current rapid development in KL, shops/stalls are slowly being replaced with newer, more expensive eateries.

It will be a matter of time this small stall will also be gone, hopefully not so soon.

This stall, located along Jalan Mesu off Lorong Ceylon, serves a variety of noodles - wantan mee, pork noodles, prawn noodles, fishball noodles, curry mee. You name it and most likely they will have it.  And the best part is, you can sort-of customize your order.

For me, I usually order plain curry noodles that comes along with fried wantan and lots of fried beancurd.

The only problem is that the consistency of its quality is a bit questionable.  Sometimes, you'll find it tasting very nice and sometimes, it just tasted so-so only.  That's how my curry noodles usually taste.  It's pretty much a game of luck.  

On days when I am lucky, the soup is very nice to drink.  Not too thick or too watery.  Even the spiciness is just right.  (Obviously, today is the lucky day as my noodles are tasting great).

On days when it tasted so-so, the soup tasted a bit diluted. Looking at its colour, you will know when they have added tad too much water.

Environment wise, it can be very hot and stuffy on a hot, sunny day. You'll need to consider what you wear (and maybe the weather too) before deciding to go there - chances you'll be sweating a lot!

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