Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dayak cuisine @ the.Dyak, Kuching

All my life, I have no idea what the orang asli (the aboriginal tribes of Malaysia) cuisine actually tasted like.  So, when I was out for a trip at Kuching for my very first time, I made up my mind that we must at least sample a traditional orang asli cuisine, no matter what.

Many people commented one particular restaurant serving Dayak cuisine, giving very good ratings on TripAdvisor.  Given its reliability, I decided to put the.Dyak at the top of my to-eat list (along with the sarawak laksa & kolo mee).

So, on our very last day of our trip, we stopped by this fine-dining restaurant.  It was sort of a "thank you" lunch to our friends-cum-tour guide, who had taken time off their busy schedule to bring us around.

Since our friend had recently tried this restaurant, we left the ordering to her & her husband.  Since I didn't have to go through the menu, I had all the time taking pictures of this wonderfully decorated restaurant and slowly enjoy.

The restaurant is very beautiful & cosy, and the owner had put a lot of thoughts into decorating the restaurant.  You can see many pictures, paintings & other decorative items (vase, swords, musical instrument) of the Dayak tribe.  Coming here is like visiting a mini museum of the Dayak tribe.

In fact, one of the waiters came to know that we are tourists, and he handed us a printed paper with a whole lot of history & descriptions behind each of the items displayed in this restaurant.

It was an interesting experience, learning about the tribe while waiting for the food to arrive. (Quite a pity though, as I didn't manage to digest every information)

(Note:  The descriptions are all taken from the.Dyak's Facebook.  I could barely remember most of the names of the dishes, let alone those ingredients)

Manok Lulun - Chicken cooked in bamboo with ginger, onions, lemongrass, wild ginger flowers & tapioca leaves

This dish, although it look very simple and bland, is very flavourful.  I drank the sauce as though it was soup. Very light & freshening.  Close resemblance to Chinese cuisine.

Paku Kubok Gulai Bungai Kechala - Jungle frens stir-fried with wild ginger flowers & chillies

I love this dish.  Tasted like kangkung belacan, and the ferns are still very crunchy.  Not as slimy as I thought.

Jani Tunu - Well-marinated three-layered fatty char-grilled pork served with a refreshing sambal mixture.

A little disappointed as it was not very juicy as I have expected but still nice (I think I ate this the most).  But the star of this dish is the sambal sauce.  Dipping the pork with the sambal mixture just make you want to have more.

Daun Ubi Guring - Finely-chopped tapioca leaves

Don't be fooled by how unattractive it looks.  Surprisingly, it tasted nice & very juicy.  I am not sure what actually goes into it, but it tasted well on its own.

Tuak ice-cream - For desserts, we ordered the special version that has two types of rice wine.  Greedy, we are.

But somehow, I got taken aback with this dessert as the alcohol level is a bit to strong for my liking (not really an alcohol person).  A very unique taste, is all I can comment.  I think for all the tuak lovers, you may like this.

The service is fantastic.  The waiters are very friendly and polite - all with big sweet smiles on their faces.

Overall, it is a comforting place to relax and enjoy good food after a tiring day-out.  I totally love the ambiance of this place - it felt like you have just entered into someone's house and the host is whipping out his finest dishes while you learn about the stories of his family, history & culture.

An experience you should not miss!

29, Ground Floor,
Panovel Commercial Complex,
Jalan Simpang Tiga,
93300 Kuching

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