Sunday, 26 January 2014

Korean BBQ @ San Nae Deul BBQ, Oasis Square

After watching numerous Running Man episodes, sometimes, I just can't help drooling for some really good Korean barbeque and lots of kimchi.  Luckily, there's one really good place, which I recently discovered, that serves really good Korean BBQ - San Nae Deul @ Oasis Square, Ara Damansara.

As there were only two of us, we could only order one BBQ dish (otherwise, we couldn't fit in a kimchi stew or a bulgogi) and this usually became a big restrictive factor because some places do not actually allow for only one order of BBQ item.  But not San Nae Deul.  So, you can imagine how happy we were.

As beef is temporarily off our list (due to mild allergic reaction), pork is the next best thing and hence, we ordered the Gochujang Sam Gyup Sal (RM 35) - three thick and fatty slices of pork belly meat marinated in a house-special spicy fermented soybean paste.  Thinking about it is already making me salivating.

I must say, this is very good with that mild char-grilled fragrance and sweet, spicy taste.  It is very addictive.  The pork belly was very well-marinated with a balanced flavour - so much so that it taste good own its on without the dipping sauce.  The pork belly is not too fatty and the meat is quite tender.  I must also praise the waiter who helped us barbecue the meat to perfection.

Next is the Kimchi Jjigae (RM 18).  When it comes to judging whether a Korean restaurant is good, kimchi stew is usually the best benchmark tool.  However, disappointment awaits us because this kimchi stew somehow lacks the spicy and sour kick that we were hoping for.

Based on our tastebuds, it tasted very tomato-ish - a bit like ABC soup with some chilli and tom-yam soup without the spices.  Nevertheless, it was still a decent and flavourful bowl of vegetable and tofu soup - just not within our reasonable expectation of a kimchi soup.

Their refillable banchan or side dishes were also good and had most of what we love.  For instance, the potato salad and ikan bilis, which we had requested for numerous refills.  One commendable point is that they are actually okay with us refilling a few times, unlike other places which do have a limit on the number of refills you can have.

To end, we were given one complimentary fruit juice or coffee/tea to enjoy at their sister company, which is the Korean bar, ASA, located just below San Nan Deul.

Overall, it was a good barbecue experience and will definitely come back to San Nae Deul as the price and taste is reasonable.  Service was good and very accommodating.  Although it was a small restaurant, it was very cosy and comfortable but seats can be hard to come buy if you're here in a big group.

San Nan Deul BBQ
R-08, Oasis Square
No 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A
Ara Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya

GPS:  3.113983,101.574359

Tel: 03-77346538

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  1. I love to try Korean foods. It seems delicious the way they eat it. I will surely try this one later.