Saturday, 28 July 2012

Afternoon High Tea

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea -- Henry James

The idea of an afternoon tea was first introduced in England by Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford.  Back in those days, when there were only breakfast and dinner, the long hours in between was too hard to go by without ever feeling hungry.  Tired of feeling down & hungry, it was then that the Duchess got a briliant idea to have a light snack in the middle of the afternoon, accompanied by a pot of freshly brewed tea to stem the hunger.

Initially started off as her own private enjoyment, this idea quickly became a fashionable hit among other socialites to hold events in the afternoon to sit around, sip tea and nibble sandwiches.  

Until today, this old British tradition still stays as one of the popular afternoon activities.  Whether it is a simple afternoon tea or a luxurious spread, everyone will find something to indulge in.

Afternoon tea usually consists of finger sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, sweet pastries and cakes.  Then, there is a choice of coffee or tea to go with it.  It may or may not be served in tiered trays, but if it does, it is a wonderful feast to the eyes.


Ever since both KS and I started to go crazy over the idea of afternoon tea, we are now making a point to try out different places serving these wonderful creations.  While some qualify as a traditional afternoon tea, there are also some that are just variations of the more traditional setup.

1)  A lovely, highly recommended afternoon tea @ Delicious, 1 Utama & Marc Residence
(yet to be published)

2)  A traditional afternoon tea @ Grand Dorsett, Subang Jaya

3)  A gourmet high tea @ Ettora, Solaris Dutamas

4)  One of the best high tea @ House, G Tower

Click here to read more on House's high tea

5)  Warm, cosy high tea @ Ten28ight Boutique Cafe, Desa Sri Hartamas

Click here to read more on Ten28ight Boutique Cafe


A must yet to try..The traditional afternoon tea at Carcosa Seri Negara, Kuala Lumpur - a must-try for the true experience of a traditional afternoon tea within the grounds of a historical heritage mansion.

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