Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Afternoon Tea @ Ten28ight Boutique Cafe, Desa Sri Hartamas

The craze for afternoon tea is back again.  This time, we came across this lovely cafe, Ten28ight @ Desa Sri Hartamas, which, serves really delicious afternoon tea.  While the portion is not large, each piece of treats is carefully handcrafted with lots of love.

When we arrived around 4.30 pm, the small cafe was already packed to the max.  So, we were ushered to the 2nd floor instead.  Although managed by the same owner, the one upstairs was more for private parties and functions, and is rarely open for walk-ins.

This place, which is very cosy and homey, was decorated with cute, stylish little items (mostly for sale).  Plus, their tables are made with recycled wooden crates - vintage feel to it.  To add, it was very quiet.  KS joked that it feels like having the whole place to ourselves – so much privacy.

Back to the topic.  The afternoon tea was beautifully laid out on a nice old-fashioned European tableware and boy, did they look fantastic and smell good.

First to sample are the mushroom cheese quiches slices.  The pastry base was a bit soggy but the cheese topping was good.  The egg mixture was just slightly lacking some flavour, but there were a lot of mushrooms and onions.

Then, my two favourite, the curry puffs and samosas.  At each bite, you can feel the flavours and spices bursting in your mouth.  Filled with spiced potatoes, they are not hot and not oily.

KS, in particular, liked the crispy samosa very much.  As for me, I loved both but I do agree the samosas have a more intense, memorable flavour then the curry puffs.  Pity there were only one piece each per person.

The butter cake slices were just normal, although I find it quite dry.

Then, there are the blueberry cheese tart and fruit custard tart.  Between the two, I less preferred the cheese tart as the texture of the cheese was not very creamy and the cheese taste was too strong.  The fruit tart, on the other hand, is more balanced with the smooth custard and the chocolate-based tart.

Finally on the plate are the mixed fruits parfaits in pastry puffs.  The parfaits, a kind of creamy frozen dessert made from whipping cream, were quite fluffy and cold.  Topped with a combination of cut blueberries, raspberries and kiwi, it was very delicious.  Not too sweet or too creamy.  However, eating this parfait puff can a bit difficult and messy as the pastry keeps falling apart.

The tea set also comes with a slice of cake, of which we selected the chilled blueberry cheesecake, which was just freshly made.  The cheesecake has a very smooth, fluffy and rich texture, and right in the middle of it are the huge chunks of sweet blueberries.  I love the cheesecake base, which I think is made from Digestive biscuits.  Overall, the cake was good.

To finish, we have a cup of Cappuccino and Earl Grey tea.  Nothing fantastic about the coffee/tea.

A good place to spend the afternoon chatting away about almost anything over a cup of tea or coffee while slowly munching the sweet and savoury treats (before heading off to the nearest gym :P)

Trying to figure out where this place was quite difficult because somehow, Google Maps couldn't find it based on the given address.  Luckily, I managed to pull out the map from one of the blogs and searched for the nearest street, which turned out to be the row of shops facing the Sprint highway, where True Fitness is.

Ten28ight Boutique Cafe
10, Ground Floor
Crystal Villa 2, Desa Sri Hartamas
Jalan 22B/70A
50480 Kuala Lumpur

GPS:  3.162166,101.652074
(same row as True Fitness)

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