Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sensations Shapes: Tomato & Chilli flavoured biscuits

Arnotts has just recently introduced a new series of their famous Shapes biscuits called "Shapes Sensations" - a gourmet version.

Thinking that I won't find these is Malaysia, I bought a box (Balsamic Vinegar & Salt flavour, which is absolutely tasty) back as "souvenirs" for myself, of which I greatly regretted later for buying so little.

Luckily, Presto Supermarket @ Citta Mall, Ara Damansara has just stocked lots of these Arnotts goodies and I managed to get hold of one box of the Tomato & Chilli flavoured Shapes Sensations biscuits.

This Tomato & Chilli flavour tasted like the original Pizza flavour except that the flavour is more intense and real.  Totally love it as it has a slight hot taste.

These biscuits, like potato chips, are really addictive!!

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