Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Restoran Mo Sang Kor @ Taman Berkely, Klang

When it comes to getting a nice Bak Kut Teh meal, I usually go to Fong Keow (Pottery) Bak Kut Teh.  But after being strongly recommended by my brother (who came to know from his colleague/blogger), I decided to give Restoran Mo Sang Kor @ Taman Berkeley a try.

If you’re here expecting to get the usual soupy, herbal bak kut teh (like me), then you’re in for a big disappointment because the bak kut teh here is kinda different.

So, what is different?

1.  There is only one size, flat rate (RM9).  You only need to tell them what you want (what meat, which cuts/parts etc.) and how many bowls.
Please bear in mind that one serving is pretty small compared to elsewhere.  For a family of 5, we ordered 7 bowls, which comes out to be 1.5 bowls per person.  Ordering any less than that, I doubt you’ll get to enjoy bak kut teh to the fullest.

Trust me, it is really small (unless you’re a small eater).

2.  No, it’s not served in claypot
The bak kut teh are served in really cute small classic porcelain bowls.  Although it looked more presentable, but it does not retain the heat as well as the claypot does.  As a result, the meat/soup turned cold pretty fast.

3.  It is not your usual herbal bak kut teh soup
I always associate bak kut teh with herbs (such as dong gui).  But here at Mo Sang Kor, it does not have any herbal taste (even if there are, it is barely noticeable).  In a way, this is nice especially since these herbs have a heat element.

I find the soup pretty flavourful, packed with lots of collagen.  The soup is cooked with dried Shiitake mushrooms and lots of garlic (along with all the other secret ingredients).  The only thing I find it strange is that although it is very flavourful when you drink the soup, the flavour got diluted the moment you mix it with rice.

Meat-wise, I would give it the thumbs up.  The pork is braised until really soft and tender, locking in all the wonderful flavour of the bak kut teh soup.  No wonder my brother got hooked to it.

If you ask me, I think closely resembles the slow-cooked braised pork in dark soy sauce, the watery version of Tau Yew Bak.  Not bak kut teh.

4.  Don’t bother to ask.  The soup is not refillable.
Wait a minute.  Did I hear this wrongly – not refillable?  Yeah, you heard me right.

At first I didn't believe it when my brother commented about the amount of soup provided.  How little can it be, right?  But when the bowls finally arrived, my eyeballs almost dropped out.  In fact, “not refillable” is not really an issue as long as you have given enough to begin with.  But here, it is very little, really precious.  Not sure why, but I guess there must be a reason.

If you ask, I think it is more appropriate to term the soup as gravy instead.

5.  It’s only meat.  Nothing else but MEAT.
What happened to those beancurd puffs (tofu pok) and beancurd sheets (fu chuk)?  I though it is always part of the bak kut teh package.  Either that, or I had been exposed to the wrong information all my life. Well, if you are not a meaty person, don’t even bother coming here as they only serve meat (and anything else that is part of a pig).


Obviously, I didn't really enjoy it as much as I wanted, only because there is not enough soup (well, I am quite a soupy person who enjoys hot-piping soup)!  If there had been a bit more generous, I would make this my highly recommended place for bak kut teh.

But if you minus of that expectation and are there just for a really tasty meal, then this is definitely worth visiting because the meat is really good.

Parking can be an issue, but if you don’t mind parking in front of the houses and walk, it should be fine.  The shop is also reasonably clean and cooling.

Oh ya, service is slow.  Despite the limited variety and sizes, serving time is long.  Did I mention that it was not very crowded when we were there?  Wonder what’s taking up the time.

Restoran Mo Sang Kor
41, Leboh Bangau
Taman Berkeley
41150 Klang

Apparently they have expanded to a few areas, such as Puchong and Lot 10.  So, you may not necessarily need to travel all the way to Klang.

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