Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Milk Tea @ GeorgPeck, Sunway Pyramid

Recently, there are many bubble milk tea stalls popping up like mushrooms after the rain and they are selling almost the same thing.  Of course, there are the super popular ones, which don't need anymore introduction but then there are the new ones that are pretty much unheard of (unless you're a milk tea fan that research on every bubble milk tea stalls) such as GeorgPeck @ Sunway Pyramid.

This Taiwanese-based chain makes its first debut right here at Sunway Pyramid's Asian Avenue.  Not only do they serve bubble milk tea, they have a variety of fruit smoothies and coffee.

I find it not very strategically located, as it is almost towards the corner of the Asian Avenue.  But if you do find it (on the way towards The Street Cafe), you will get to experience a different kind of milk tea experience.  That's what KS and I did right after our meal at The Street Cafe.

I ordered the Hokkaido Milk Tea (RM 6.90) while KS ordered the Cappuccino Ice-blended (RM 7.90), both recommended by GeorgPeck.  We opted to go pearl-less as we didn't like "things" getting in our way when drinking.

The Hokkaido Milk Tea is very unique, with a touch of vanilla flavouring.  I kinda like the taste and texture of the milk tea.  The tea is also quite fragrant.

The Cappuccino Ice-blended, on the other hand, was so-so.  For someone who likes coffee, this cappuccino is just lacking the intensity of the espresso.  Think the espresso to milk ratio is not very correct.  Nevertheless, still alright.

The stall is very beautifully set up, with a nice chandelier as the focal point.  It is very nice to sit down and slowly enjoy the beverages because the traffic is pretty low in that corner, so you get a bit of "privacy".

F1.AV135, Asian Avenue
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, 
Petaling Jaya.

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