Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dim Sum Lunch @ Yat Dim Sum Yi, Kota Damansara

Finding a nice, comfortable place serving good quality dim sum is no easy feat.  Even at Yat Dim Sum Yi @ Kota Damansara, a lot of things didn't really go right.

At first, when the drinks came, we were quite amazed with the quality of the herbal drinks - Lo Hon Guo tea and Pear & White Fungus drink.  Although on the sweeter side, but it is real stuff, i.e. not too diluted.  Totally love their herbal drinks.

As it is a made-to-order style, we browse through the menu and selected 5 different dim sums, of which 3 are chef's recommended.

First dim sum to arrive is the Yat Dim Sum Yi Lo Mai Kai or glutinous rice with chicken (RM 5.00) - a standard dim sum item to order.  We enjoyed it as not only was the chicken tender and well-marinated, the rice is seasoned well enough to give a nice fragrance.  There were quite a lot of ingredients added to the rice too.  Plus, it was not too oily.

Next came the Baked BBQ Pork Bun (RM 5.00), which turns out to be polo bao with char siew.  I love this dim sum because of the crust on top of the bun, sweet and flaky.  Filling-wise, standard char siew bao filling.

After this, the other dim sums were pretty much a disappointment - if you plot the level of our enjoyment on a graph, you'll see a significant downwards trend after each dim sum arrive.

The Pan-fried Radish Cake with Dried Meat (RM 5.00) tasted quite good at the first few bites, but after a while, it became a bit tasteless.  We felt it was a bit too soft and mushy (a bit gluey).  Unlike other places, the radish cake here was not pan-fried enough to have that thin layer of crispiness.  Also, the dried meat is pretty limited in each slice.

Next comes the Steamed Pork Dumpling in "Shanghai' Style or Shanghai siew long bao (RM 6.00), which was supposedly have two "thumbs up" by the chef, is a huge disappointment and is not at all worth ordering.  Although the dumpling skin is slightly on the thick side, which KS didn't really like, but what actually spoiled this dish (according to me) is the meat that they have used.  By right, a good siew long bao will have a clear, sweet pork broth inside.  But here, the broth has a weird pork smell and is murky with all the fats (there were many unidentifiable bits of whitish product, which I suspect is fats, although it could be anything else).  Eating that made me lost all my appetite.

The last dim sum to come (thank goodness!) is the Stuffed Pan-fried Eggplant (RM 5.00).  This is alright - pretty standard except that I find the eggplant/brinjal a bit under-cooked, but still okay.  Sauce-wise, mediocre.

Nevertheless, their food is still edible but is it worth the money?  I don't think so.  For the price they were charging, we were expecting a much better quality but obviously, there are some misses.

But I must give them some credit too - the shop is very clean and airy.  Even on a hot sunny day, it is quite cooling in the shop.  If not for its food quality, it will be a very good dim sum place.

Yat Dim Sum Yi
13-1, Jalan PJU 5/15,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya

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