Thursday, 18 October 2012

Herbal Jelly @ Koong Woh Tong

Although Koong Woh Tong has been here in Malaysia for a very long time, I had never actually been there until KS brought me to try the herbal jelly or guai lin goh.  Somehow, my parents never fancy herbal jelly and so, my exposure to the herbal jelly is close to zero.

But after my first visit, I have never failed to return for it again and again (KS is very happy about it).

To be honest, the herbal jelly is not as bitter as everyone claims it to be (at least for Koong Woh Tong).  If eaten with the honey water, it is actually very pleasant.  I have never tried the warm version - always been ordering the chilled version.

Not to forget there's the health benefits of eating this herbal jelly especially on a hot, sunny day as it expels the heat from your body or to detox.

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