Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hakka Mee @ Paris Restaurant, Ipoh

Another must-have in Ipoh is the Hakka Mee @ Paris Restaurant (previously at Yin Yau Kui Restaurant).  This place is apparently very famous among the locals and early in the morning, the shop is already fully packed.

While these plain-looking noodles may look very ordinary, it is very delicious.  The noodles, which are hand-made, are very springy and cooked just right.  

There is enough minced meat and gravy to make the noodles tasty and moist.

The minced meat is just fantastic!  I like it as it is very fragrant with garlic oil and caramelized with the dark soy sauce.  Each bite of it reminds me of the minced meat noodles Mum used to make.

To further enhance the flavour, you definitely need to add the fish sauce.  I find it being a bit bland if you do not add the fish sauce.

Our friend also insisted to add the chilli sauce and garlic, but I opt to go without as I was having an upset stomach (pity, as I loved spicy food).

Although the portion is pretty small, it is really cheap.  We wanted to have more, but since the next stop for breakfast is curry noodles, there was no second helping.

They also serve fish balls and pork balls.  I can’t really remember the taste, so, it must not have been very memorable.

Paris Restaurant
164 Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah
30000 Ipoh

Open in the mornings

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