Saturday, 13 October 2012

Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine and Cafe @ Bangsar South

Another nice Korean restaurant that we recently came to know about is the Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine and Cafe @ Bangsar South.  The food they serve is really good quality - "The best recipe comes from our heart" is no lie.

I ordered the Chicken Bibimbap (RM 16.90), which is rice topped with various cooked vegetables such as zucchini, mushrooms, lettuce, carrot and beansprouts plus strips of chicken and a fried egg, served with gochujang (red chilli paste), which you can mixed into the rice for more flavouring.

It is very light and refreshing as there were many vegetables.  The chicken is well-seasoned and not over-cooked.  But I found the bibimbap lacking in taste, of which at that time, I couldn't figure out what has gone missing. Towards the end of the meal only did I realised that they had forgotten to serve me the chili paste (no wonder!).  If only I realized it earlier, ish!  Otherwise, the bibimbap is worth trying.

KS ordered the Bulgogi (RM 18.90), which is stir-fried beef in a sweet soy sauce marinade served on a hot, sizzling plate.  The beef is tender and the sweet soy sauce is nice, although I feel the taste at Daorae being better and sweeter.  Nevertheless, Oiso's bulgogi is enjoyable.  If you prefer a more intense beef taste, Oiso is the better choice as its sauce has more beef flavour.

Although not refillable, all 5 side dishes were very nice as they are all our favourite especially the ikan bilis.

The kimchi that they served is also surprisingly nicer than other places that serve it complimentary.  The seasonings in it were much intense and less acidic, something we both enjoyed.

Even the complimentary seaweed soup has enough flavour and loaded with seaweeds.

If you go for dinner, for every two main dishes ordered, you'll get a complimentary steamed egg or kimchi pancake.  For us, we were given the steamed egg, which is very silky and steaming hot.  The only complain was that there was a slight burnt taste, which sort of ruined the taste.

What I liked about this shop is all their food are served steaming hot (either relying on a hot plate or on a gas stove), so you can enjoy it hot throughout the whole meal.  Lovely.  Plus, their portion is quite big given the price they charged.

The set-up of the restaurant is very nice and homey, although it can can a bit hot if you're sitting near the kitchen (the cooling system is not very good).  The shop is small, but they have plenty of tables outside their shop if you want to have some fresh, cooling air (don't worry, it is covered and there are fans installed).  Only problem is you have a large group, maybe make a reservation first?

Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine and Cafe
G-3 Ground Floor,
The Sphere,
No.1, Avenue 1, Bangsar South.
Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur


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