Monday, 6 May 2013

Scones & Brownies @ CRUMBS Malaysia, Pavilion

Coming all the way from the shores of Hong Kong to Malaysia, CRUMBS Malaysia @ Pavilion offers freshly baked-in-store scones and their signature smooth frozen yogurt.  Since we wanted to fill our stomachs before heading to our company's annual dinner (well, we Malaysians never start the party on time), we forgo the yogurt and ordered the scones and brownies.

Their freshly baked handmade scones (RM 2.90 each) comes in three flavours - raisins, chocolate chip and cheese scones.  The scones don't come in their usual round shape - a flat rectangular scone.

I tried only the raisins and chocolate chip scones.  Unfortunately, the scones were lacking some moist and a bit flaky, resembles more of a biscuit instead.  On its own, I felt it was not good but if it goes with the frozen yogurt, it may be able to fit well.  Between the two, the raisins scone was a better option as it has a nice sweet taste amidst the salty scone, with a slightly more moisture from the raisins.

On the other hand, their Double Chocolate Brownies (RM 3.50 each) are to die for.  These brownie slices are very rich in chocolate and totally addictive for chocolate lovers.  It is moist and inside, you can still feel the melted chocolate, even after leaving it overnight in my room.  It is also surprisingly not very sweet.

CRUMBS Malaysia
P1.11.04, Level 1
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
(near the Pavilion Food Republic)

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