Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nyonya Brunch @ Onde Onde, Desa Park City

On a nice Sunday morning, before we headed to the Kepong Metropolitan Park for a morning stroll, we stopped by at Onde Onde @ The Waterfront, Desa Park City for a simple local brunch.

Since I was not in the mood to eat something too heavy, I ordered a bowl of Half-boiled Eggs (RM 3.90) to go with Toasted Bread with Curry (RM 5.90).

The chicken curry was not very spicy and is seasoned well enough.  While KS found it a bit salty, I think it was perfectly alright especially when dipped into with the toast.  The texture was creamy and thick with a few pieces of chicken meat.  The only setback was that the toast was too thinly sliced, too crispy and slightly burnt which left a bitter aftertaste.

KS initially wanted to order the mee siam, but because shrimp paste was used as the base of the sauce, he had to make a pass and settle for the Curry Laksa (RM 7.90) instead.  Served with springy thin yellow noodles, the curry soup is a fish-based broth which is very light and sweet.

Unlike the usual standard curry noodles, it was not very creamy or heavy and hence, we find it suitable for a morning stomach.  While some might find that the spiciness a little bit on the milder side, both of us find it reasonably okay.  It was a good bowl of curry noodles with a lot of shredded chicken and fried bean-curd.

Seeing what I had ordered for my brunch, KS was afraid that I might not be full enough and insisted to add on the French Toast (RM 3.90) for me to snack on.  The french toast looked and tasted pretty normal but the good thing is that the toast was not too sweet or oily.

Overall, Onde Onde is quite a good place for a decent meal since it is reasonably priced and has a homey feel to it.  The ambiance is quite cosy and service was really friendly and accommodating.

Onde Onde
Lot GF-03A, Ground Floor
The Waterfront @ ParkCity
5 Persiaran Residen
Desa ParkCity 
52200 Kuala Lumpur

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