Monday, 27 May 2013

All Things Pork @ Sanbanto Cafe, SS 2

On one of my study leaves, I brought my dad for lunch at Sanbanto Cafe @ SS 2 as I was quite tired of eating mixed rice (imagining having that for lunch and dinner for two consecutive days).  For the brain to function properly, I must feed myself properly.  Some porky treats would be perfect!

I ordered the Pork Burger (RM 19.90), which is a juicy hand-made pork patty burger with bacon and cheese served with french fries and salad.  The pork patty was seasoned well and quite flavourful on its own.  But together with the streaky bacon, the pork patty was kind of masked by the strong fragrance of the bacon.  What I did instead was to eat the bacon and pork patty separately so that I can enjoy the true flavours.  Generally, the burger was not too oily, but I find it slightly dry.  Would have been better if they had put some sort of sauce or gravy to add a bit more moisture to the burger.

The french fries were crispy and not very oily, which is good.  However, they tasted slightly bland without much flavours of the potato and so, I ended up dipping into the sauces for better taste.  The salad, I can't remember how it tasted like, unfortunately.

My dad ordered the Pork Chop (RM 25.90), which is a pan-fried pork chop with fragrant brown sauce served with french fries and salad.  I must say, this is the best pork chop I have tried.  The pork chop was so juicy and tender, and as you cut a piece of the meat, you can see a nice layer of fat and meat, leaving you a nice bouncy feel.  On the outside, it was seared nicely with a beautiful caramelised crust.  On its own, it was lovely and flavourful but with the peppery brown sauce, which was made from pork broth, it was heavenly.

I agree the pork tasted a bit different here at Sanbanto, with a little more sweetness and without the foul smell.  They must have done quite a good job to feed the right things to their pigs to get such flavours - grain-fed with mineral-rich underground water, I was told.  Will come back again for their pork.

However, Sanbanto is pretty small, with very limited seating spaces.  So, do give them a ring if you intend to go in large groups to prevent disappointment.

Sanbanto Cafe
No.32, SS2/63
47300 Petaling Jaya
GPS:  3.118855,101.621913

Tel:  03-78761728
Closed on Mondays

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