Saturday, 25 May 2013

German Food @ Bavarian Wirtshaus, Ara Damansara

I was googling for some nice German restaurants around Klang Valley and was so surprised to actually find one highly recommended restaurant near to where I stay.  Apparently, a German commented (in a forum, obviously) that Bavarian Wirtshaus @ Ara Damansara serves the next best thing to a real German food back home.  Was it a reliable comment after all?  Well, we just had to visit it to confirm.

Initially, I wanted to order their Homemade Bratwurst, but unfortunately, it was already sold out.  Hence, I had to settle with the Nuerenberg Sausage (RM 27.00), served with 2 side dishes of your choice and garden salad.  For the side dishes, I opted for the sauerkraut (an obvious choice in a German restaurant) and french fries.

The grilled pork sausage was a bit salty but is very fragrant and densely packed with a lot of juicy pork meat.  I quite like it as it reminded me of those chipolatas I had while in Sydney.  Served with a dollop of sweet, spicy mustard, it gave a nice finishing touch to spice up the sausages.  Overall, it was quite delicious.  However, even after a couple of experiences with German food, sauerkraut is still not my thing.  The pickled sour cabbage has a very distinct and acquired sour taste that my taste-buds can't seem to register very well.  I kind of felt sorry for leaving that almost untouched.  Hopefully, I didn't offend the chef too much.

KS ordered the Pork Tenderloin with Vegetables & Potatoes (RM 32.00).  Flavour-wise, it quite reminded me of barbecued pork, with that nice charcoal fragrance.  Topped with white butter sauce infused with garlic, the juicy meat was very nice.  The vegetables and potatoes were buttery and nicely cooked, but I think it needed a bit more salt to bring the flavours out.

For drinks, as we are not in the mood for any German beer, unfortunately, we had the Ice Lemon Tea (RM 5).  Served in a pretty small glass, it has a nice, strong lemon flavour that blends well into the tea.

Since my mum was not feeling well, I suggested to buy dinner back for my dad.  Of all the choices in the menu, the Breaded Chicken Cutlet (RM 26.50) with fried potatoes and bacon chips was the closest thing which would suit my dad's Asian taste-buds.  Although they forgotten to pack the black pepper sauce to go with the chicken, it was still decent.  I, who managed to snack some while my dad was working his way with the chicken, loved the potatoes with bacon chips - fragrant and moist, without too much oiliness.

Overall, the food is decent but the service is pretty slow despite being less crowded.  Like any bars and lounges, the lighting in the restaurant is extremely dim and hence, created a nice cosy feel.  Only comment is that Bavarian Wirtshaus is located in the quieter spots of Ara Damansara and hence, precautions need to be taken when visiting this place.

Bavarian Wirtshaus
No 13H, Block H
Jalan PJU 1A/3
Ara Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya

GPS:  3.118571,101.578362

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