Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lunch @ Delicious, St Mary Place

As KS and I just completed our exams, we decided to celebrate by having a nice lunch at Delicious @ St Mary Place.  This place was quite new with less than 6 months since it was open, and given it was within walking distance from our office, I felt it is a sin to not visit at least one time.

So happen, Delicious was having a Japan Pasta Promotion, whereby the menu includes some popular pasta  dishes but infused with Japanese flavours.  Any dish that is ordered from this Japan Pasta Promotion menu entitles you to a cup of green tea at only RM 3.00. Although the green tea is not exceptionally different, what comes with the tea was very unique.  Most places would serve with a biscotti or cookie, but here, it came with little balls of bitter, dark chocolate instead.  A lovely treat to kick start the meal.

 KS ordered the Chicken Katsu Curry on Spaghetti (RM 22.90).  The sweet Japanese curry which served as the base to the pasta was tasty and sweet, but not too overwhelmingly complicated.  It tasted as though there were mashed pumpkin in the sauce, giving a nice creamy texture, yet without the fatty content of cream.  As for the deep-fried chicken cutlet, it was beautifully browned and looked absolutely delicious.  However, despite the nice look and a crispy texture, the chicken cutlet, unfortunately was the breast part, was a bit dry and lacking some seasonings.  Had it not for the sauce, the chicken katsu would have been very difficult to finish.

As for me, after my exam, I still have a bit of trouble getting back my appetite and hence, only ordered something light.  So, Quiche Lorraine (RM 18.90) was my choice instead.  It was a beautiful and large slice of quiche filled with fragrant beef bacon and sun-dried tomatoes served with garden salad.  It was delicious and I loved it because of the nice, herby but sweet sun-dried tomatoes that accentuate the flavours even more.  The quiche was nicely flavoured, juicy and simple.  The only dissatisfaction I have was that the crust was too dry and didn't have the buttery fragrance.

Overall, Delicious @ St Mary is quite cosy and spacious, and hence, is a pretty nice place to unwind. The service is fantastically fast, so there is actually no worries about not getting back to work in time.

G-7 & G-8 Tower A
St Mary Place
No. 1, Jalan Tengah,
Off Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

GPS:  3.151813, 101.707641

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