Saturday, 4 May 2013

Apple Pie Yogurt @ Yogen Fruz, KLCC

Right after my exam, I was loitering around KLCC trying to figure out what to eat for lunch.  Then, I saw Yogen Fruz, a Canadian-born international frozen yogurt chain.  Having seen these on sale in one of the discount coupon sites before, I decided to give it a try and at the same time, hopefully, a sweet treat will cheer me up and stabilise my emotions.  Most importantly, it was not crowded in that part of KLCC - a quiet, peaceful space to unwind and de-stress is all I needed most.

The first thing on the menu that caught my eye was the Apple Pie Yogurt - a vanilla froyo filled with apple and cinnamon spice, sandwiched between graham cookie crumbs.  As I had not been eating well due to the accumulating stress prior to the exam, that choice looks the most soothing on the stomach and I went ahead to order it.

Being one of the U Sensations series, it costs about RM 0.53 per 10g on top of a fixed price of RM 3 (medium) or RM 5 (large).  I took the medium since that was the smallest size as KS was not around to share with me.  But still, I wasn't able to estimate how much it will eventually costs as weights are not something I can gauge very well and besides, it was the staff who filled the cup.  So, I have totally no control over it, which I don't fancy very much.

Then, you are faced with the biggest challenge - deciding what to add for toppings.  For me, as it was meant as lunch, I decided to go a bit more heavy (and yet keeping to the healthier options) by adding pumpkin seeds, almond nips and a chocolate love letter.

I guess I went a little overboard with the toppings as when it was time to weigh it, the scale read about 350g, which come to a final price of RM 21.65.  Oops, that is very expensive.

The frozen yogurt indeed tasted a bit like apple pie with its apple bits and lovely fragrance of the cinnamon, just that the apple pie flavours were not strong enough.  I felt the yogurt was quite sweet but luckily, the toppings I added as well as the cookie crumbs manage to balance it a bit.  Otherwise, I can't imagine the amount of water I needed to wash down the sweetness.  Overall, the frozen yogurt has a smooth and creamy texture but didn't have the strong yogurt taste, just mildly sour.

Yogen Fruz
Suria KLCC
KC5, Concourse Floor Petronas Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur

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