Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lunch @ Tang House of Fishball, SS15 Subang Jaya

These days have been getting pretty hot and with such a stuffy weather, we just need to find somewhere nearby and air-conditioned.  That was how we stumbled across Tang House of Fishball @ SS15 Subang Jaya.  Despite my parents commenting about its mediocre taste, I just wanted to try it myself since some bloggers gave quite a good review about it.

Their signature dish is the Tang Pin Mee Pok (RM 6.00), topped with minced pork meat, slices of fish cake and lard, drizzled with a flavourful sauce.  It is usually a spicy dish but I ordered the non-spicy version instead.  Tasted very much like Hakka noodle, what makes it different is the flat, yellow egg noodles which somehow reminded me of fettuccine.  The taste is pretty light and not very oily.  Unfortunately, the portion is quite small and the consistency varies in each visit.

KS ordered the Handmade Fish Noodles (RM 7.00).  Initially, I thought it was a soup noodle, but then again, the picture in the menu was not very clear.  Anyway, it was a bowl of vermicelli with fish paste noodles topped with minced meat and fish cake, drizzled with some fish broth.  It has a very light flavour - a taste that was hardly noticeable.  I guess it was not salty enough but KS found it quite bearable.  The springy fish paste noodles, unfortunately, didn't really taste like fish to me.

One worth-trying dish in Tang House is the Hock Chew Ball (RM 6.00) - 6 pieces of bouncy fishballs filled with tender pork meat.  While the fishballs are worth a mention, what makes it very memorable is the sweet and flavourful fish-based broth that was cooked with bitter-gourd.  The taste was simple and light, but bursting with flavours.  No bitter taste at all.  It was good.

We also ordered the Signature Pan-Fried Dumplings (RM 6.00 - 8 pieces) to snack on.  There is nothing exceptionally outstanding about these pan-fried dumplings.  The dumpling skin has a nice crispy texture while still juicy on the inside.  The setback - it was a bit burnt for some of the dumplings and slightly oily.  The vinegar was just so-so and didn't help to accentuate the flavours much.

Finally, comes the desserts.  No drinks were ordered as we are attracted to the range of hot or cold soup desserts that they offer.

The one I liked the most is the cold Double-boiled Winter Melon and Longan (RM 3.80) dessert.  Comes with a lot of dried longans, it was not overly sweet and works well as a thirst quencher.

Another nice dessert is the Barley Fu Chuk Gingko (RM 3.50) cooked in soy milk.  The sweetness is just right and the soy milk give it a nice smooth texture.  The only thing I didn't like was that there was no balance of the three ingredients - there were more barley than the fu chuk and gingko.

While the Black Glutinous Rice Porridge (RM 3.50) looked nice in the menu, the actual was, unfortunately, not very appetizing with the coconut milk unattractively combining with the porridge.  It was obvious that the porridge was quite diluted, but despite that, the flavour and fragrance of the black glutinous rice is still there.  Just the texture was missing.

Generally, there are some hits and misses, with consistency being quite a problem.  The first visit was really good and that made us come back for a second, but disappointing, visit.  I ate the mee pok twice and it didn't taste the same on my second visit.  Could it be because it was a weekday?  Maybe a third visit could confirm the consistency problem.

Tang House of Fishball
No.31, Ground Floor
Jalan SS15/4E
47300 Subang Jaya

GPS:  3.078001, 101.5873017

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