Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Thai Dinner @ Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant, SS2

Having read some good reviews of this Thai restaurant in SS2, I wanted to try it out.  But with all the classes and gatherings already planned out in the last few months, there was barely any slots available to try out Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant @ SS2.  Finally, the chance finally came when we went there for dinner.

Going to a Thai restaurant means the tom yam soup definitely has to be on the order list.  They have a variety of tom yam soups but we selected the Tom Yam Kai (RM 20 - small) or Chicken Tom Yam instead.

Served in an old-school steamboat with burning charcoal, the smell was very aromatic.  The soup was fantastic, with a lovely tangy and sweet taste.  The balance of sourness and sweet was just nice.  Although the pot is filled with a lot of cut chillies, the level of hotness is still manageable (at least, in my opinion).  The soup is really addictive and I just couldn't stop sipping the soup had not for me feeling too bloated with water.

The only complain is that there was not enough chicken and mushrooms in it.  It seemed as though the soup was the main character and the rest are just accompanying it.  I barely had any chicken slices or the mushrooms.  If they had added in slightly more meat or mushrooms, I would say this dish is totally perfect.

Another dish we ordered  is none other than the vegetables - Stir-fry Kailan with garlic (RM 12).  The kailan or Chinese brocolli was crunchy, but overall, a standard plate of vegetables.  The gravy was flavourful but just not garlicky enough.

The Jasmine Rice were charged at RM 2.50 per plate, which is a bit expensive as the portion is quite small.

For drinks, we had the Iced Lemongrass drink (RM 3.50).  It was pretty sweet, I must say, but luckily we ordered the iced version that seems to dilute the sweetness after a while.

When we were there, it was almost full-house and some even had to wait for tables.  Despite that, the acoustic was pretty good and not too noisy.  However, service can be a little slow, so do expect to wait a while before the food comes.  For us, I think we waited slightly past 30 minutes.

Overall, the restaurant has a simple layout but it was comfortable.  I guess the most important is that it tasted good although we do find the price slightly on the higher side. Would I come back again?  Well, maybe the tom yam soup will still be worth a second chance.

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant
No.26 Jalan SS2/10,
47300 Petaling Jaya
(Same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar)
Close on Thursday

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