Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dinner @ Tasty Porridge, Taipan USJ10

Weather has been scorching hot and stuffy last Saturday as compared to the gloomy and rainy days for the days before.  With such weather, it came as no surprise that I barely had much appetite for anything heavy or complicated.  That's why I suggested to have some light porridge for dinner at Tasty Porridge @ Taipan USJ10,  Subang Jaya.

Knowing that I liked the crispy, fried intestines, KS insisted to order the Authentic Pork Mix Porridge (RM 6).  The porridge is smooth and has enough flavour, i.e. not bland.  However, I felt the porridge is not watery enough and it gets quite starchy when it cools.  The fried intestines were indeed nice and crispy, and without too much saltiness in it.   On top of that, there are a lot of meat in the porridge.

To go with the porridge, we definitely cannot leave out the Deep Fried Dough Stick (RM 1.30) or yau char kwai.  The yau char kwai is quite fresh, not oily and very crispy.  Goes very well with the porridge.  Sorry, no pictures of the yau char kwai as I couldn't wait to dip into the porridge :P

We also ordered the Claypot Kung Po Pork Belly Slices (RM 13) as KS wanted to have rice instead.  The flavours were quite intense with the hotness from not only the dried chillies but also the cut chillies.  However, despite being a kung-po dish, it tasted nowhere near because it is lacking the acidity of the vinegar.  Also, the dish is pretty salty but should be fine as long as it goes with rice.  Nevertheless, the dish is still reasonable as the pork slices were not too fatty and are quite tender.

Finally is the Chinese lettuce (RM 6).  A pretty standard plate of nicely-cooked vegetables.  For this price, it was quite big portion.

On any hot day, a good cup of herbal tea would be the best antidote to cool down the body.  For that, we ordered the chrysanthemum tea (RM 2.30) which has a nice flowery taste and the right level of sweetness.  Tasted like how we would prepare at home - not too diluted.

Overall, the food and the price it charged is quite reasonable.  Service was very fast and so, you don't have to wait very long.   Place is clean and well-conditioned.  However, getting a carpark in Taipan is, as expected, pretty difficult but there's always the multi-storey carpark building opposite Tasty Porridge as an alternative.

Tasty Porridge
19-G, Jalan USJ 10/1C
47600 Subang Jaya

GPS:  3.048385,101.584821

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