Sunday, 14 April 2013

Nasi Lemak @ Brilliant Nasi Lemak House, Kota Damansara

It was a holiday and we were planning to head to IKEA for some furnishing ideas.  But before that, we circled into Kota Damansara (near Sunway Giza) to search for somewhere decent for lunch.  And then, it caught my attention - Brilliant Nasi Lemak House.  Since it has been a while I had a good nasi lemak meal, I suggested to try this place.

This is one non-halal place with the usual nasi lemak but with a Chinese feel to it.  As with any good nasi lemak, every component of the dish plays an important role for it to meet the mark and in my humble opinion, I think Brilliant Nasi Lemak House made it.

The sambal was nicely prepared with a balanced flavour of sweet and spicy.  The sambal alone did a good job to flavour the nasi lemak.  In terms of the level of hotness, it was just slightly above average.  The rice, unfortunately, was lacking some santan  aroma but it was still a decent serving of rice - not too soggy or dry.  A plus point is the huge portion of the rice.

For me, I ordered the Nasi Lemak with Deep Fried Chicken (RM 8.20) since I was in the mood for some fried stuff (despite the hot weather).  The fried chicken drumstick was very juicy and yet, the skin on the outside was crispy and seasoned nicely.  The flavour is not too intense such that it blends well with the sambal.  I loved it.  I only wished they had given me more of the sambal.

KS ordered the Nasi Lemak with Rendang Pork (RM 8.20) as he felt it is pretty rare to find pork to go along with nasi lemak.  Instead of the traditional beef rendang, this was made up of tender pork pieces.  The flavours of the rendang was a bit mild, i.e. the spices are not as intense as the usual rendang and has a closer resemblance to pork curry instead.  Still, the meat was beautifully cooked with the right level of moisture.

As the weather was pretty hot, we ordered the Red Bean & Cendol Dessert (RM 4.80) to cool.  I love the mashed red beans as they were sweet and did much to flavour the ice.  However, aside from the cendol jellies, the ice barely tasted like cendol dessert.

They have a variety of nasi lemak dishes with the Brilliant's Nasi Lemak (Deep Fried Chicken Drumstick, Sambal Prawns & Sambal Stuffed Squid) and Dessert Set (RM 17.80) being one of their main highlights.  But we were not up to it since it looked a bit too heavy for lunch.  Maybe next time.  If you are not up for nasi lemak, the menu also offers other dishes such as wan tan mee, noodles, chicken rice and various snacks and desserts.

As we were leaving to take a picture of the shop, there was a sign placed right outside the shop with a tagline "The Best Nasi Lemak in Kota Damansara awaits you here!"  Not sure if it is really the best in town, but it was definitely good enough for me to come back another time.

Brilliant Nasi Lemak House
25, Jalan PJU 5/10
Dataran Sunway
47810 Kota Damansara
Tel:  03-6150 6998

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