Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Senya Dining @ Isetan KLCC

Right after the high-tea set at Cafe Vienna, we were still feeling hungry - at least our stomachs are telling us it has not reach the 70% mark.  So, I suggested that we head down to Senya Dining @ KLCC Isetan Food Market in search of some good Japanese food.

Not wanting something too heavy, we ordered the Chicken Katsu Udon to share.  Service was pretty quick and very soon, our bowl of hot-piping udon arrived.

The bowl of udon was visually tempting, served with a big piece of chicken katsu, slices of kamaboko (fish cake), lots of wakame and crispy,deep-fried egg pieces.  The portion is pretty decent for the price.

The chicken katsu was deep-fried perfectly well while still locking in the juiciness.  I must applaud it for being generous with the portion as the chicken katsu was quite thick, i.e. a lot of meat.  Plus, the chicken katsu was not very oily, leaving the soup very clear.

The soy-based soup is very light but flavourful, giving enough taste to the bland udon.  It was very good that we (well, actually I) finished every drop of the tasty soup - and no, it was not due to MSG.

I usually don't like udon because of the soft texture and bland flavour as opposed to the more fragrant ramen.  But here, the udon is springy and tasted good especially with the soup.

I must say that this is one of the best udon I have tried.

Highly recommended for a quick, wholesome and satisfying meal.  However, the dining place is pretty small and is more appropriate for lone rangers or couples to dine-in.  Otherwise, if you prefer to bring the dining experience out at the KLCC park, they have pre-packed bentos (which they will happily reheat in the microwave for you) and sushi sets which you can easily take-away.

Senya Dining
Isetan Foodmarket
Suria KLCC
(Just beside the escalators)

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