Sunday, 24 February 2013

Taiwan BBQ Steamboat @ Yuan Yuan Restaurant, SS2 Mall

Today I brought my parents to SS2 Mall for an early dinner, which unfortunately is quite bare and does not have many choices for food.

After going round in circles, I suggested to try out Yuan Yuan Restaurant since the menu showed quite a decent choice of Chinese food.  Turns out, it was quite a good decision as we left feeling super satisfied.

The highlight was their Taiwan BBQ Steamboat, which has a very close resemblance to the Bar-B-Q Plaza concept, i.e. a combination of grilling and steamboat.  In fact, I prefer Yuan Yuan's version instead as it is more delicious and flavourful.

I ordered the Set A (RM 19.90) that has a choice of beef, chicken or pork served with udon, carrot, vegetables, pumpkin, chicken ball, brocolli and other varieties of seafood products such as seafood tofu, crabstick, seafood balls - all prepared into bite-sized portions.

What makes this BBQ steamboat so memorable is the soup base, which is all-vegetarian, mainly from cabbage.  We all love the soup as it was very sweet and flavourful, with a faint peppery taste.  Confirm no MSG.  The soup is served in a jug, so that you can refill into the pot as you wish (although I am not sure if you can ask for more or not).

Instead of giving pork lard, they served butter for the grilling.  The sauce is a sweet, oyster sauce with a strong sesame oil and if you prefer it spicy, a grounded chilli paste.

Overall, this Taiwan BBQ steamboat is very light and refreshing.  Even my quite-fussy parents were quite impressed with the quality of the BBQ.  The portion size, in my opinion, is quite decent and not too much for one person.

The other dish that we have ordered is the Kampung Chicken Rice (RM 11.90), which is mainly for my parents.

I find the chicken meat quite succulent and served in a nice sweet soy sauce.  The rice, unfortunately, is a bit too soggy for my liking and I must comment how small the rice serving is - not even filled to the brim.  The soup, according to my parents, it was quite good but definitely not as good as the one from the BBQ steamboat.

We will definitely come back again for the BBQ steamboat, maybe with KS next time.

Yuan Yuan Restaurant (园园風味館)
Lot G49-50, SS2 Mall
40, Jalan SS2/72
46000 Petaling Jaya

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