Wednesday, 27 February 2013

High Tea Set @ Cafe Vienna, KLCC

When I saw this high tea set at Cafe Vienna @ KLCC being sold at a discount coupon website, I was very tempted to purchase it since the picture made it looked extremely appetizing   So, right after work, we went to redeem it as part of our pre-dinner snacks.

Unfortunately, our expectations was hit almost to the lowest when we finally saw the set being served to us.  

First, it was the size.  As opposed to what is being served in the next table (which was on a 3-tiered), we quickly concluded that the portion has definitely been down-sized for the discount deal.  Well, I should have read the terms closely next time as it did state "Served as illustrated" Ish!

That aside, the food was, on average, just alright as some manage to impress us while some are just ordinary sweet treats.

The one thing that impressed us the most were the tiny open-faced sandwiches.  They were three types:  smoked salmon with capers, ham & cheese and mayonnaise egg served on toasted slices of baguettes.  They were quite delicious and fragrant, with just the right balance of moisture and flavour.  For me, I loved the mayonnaise egg toast as they did a good job in combinung the ingredients.  Unfortunately, they were just too tiny.  One bite and it's gone.  Wished there were more of them.

Next up, are the scones served with strawberries jam.  The scones were pretty disappointing and probably the worst I have ever tasted.  They are too dry and floury, and without the jam, it was almost too difficult to swallow them as they are quite tasteless.  Thankfully, the waiter was very nice to let us get extra jam.

The mini fruit-tarts were nothing fantastic.  With two thin slices of strawberry, it barely pass off as fruit tarts.  The tart shell was also quite dry and lacking flavour, but the custard cream manage to save it.

Lastly are the cakes.  The chocolate cake, which was not very pretty and looked as though it was prepared by some amateur baker, was quite dry and didn't have much chocolate taste.  The orange-flavoured cream cake was not too bad as it was spongy and moist, with a very strong orange flavour.  Somehow, for the first two cakes, the level of sweetness was just a bit lacking.  Nevertheless, the Opera cake was the best - moist and has a nice coffee flavour, with just the right level of sweetness.

The set also comes with refillable tea and coffee.

Overall, this high tea set definitely failed to impress us - they were some good points but just too many misses.  If we had actually paid the original price for this, then I think it is not worth it.  There are better places for a nice high tea experience.

Cafe Vienna
Lot 305, 3rd Floor,
Suria KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  03-21618268

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