Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Ribs @ Oasis, Bandar Utama

I was reading through some blogs, and I came across this cosy restaurant near One Utama Shopping Mall where many applauded it for serving really nice pork dishes - Ribs @ Oasis.  As it is nestled right in the middle of the housing area and away from the main roads, it is no surprise that I never knew about this place.

Been here two times on Saturday, and the Soup of the Day (RM 7.90) had always been pumpkin soup.  It may not be the best (especially being compared to Palate Palette), but it still tasted good.  Although the sweetness of the pumpkin is not enough, but it has been well-seasoned and served with a dollop of cream, it is a good start.

I had the RIB's Pork Loin Chop (RM 33.90), which I find very delicious (Note, I was having sore-throat and yet, I enjoyed this dish very much).  A big piece of juicy grilled pork loin, drizzled with white wine honey mustard sauce and served with braised cabbage, topped with tomato salsa garnish.

Lean pork loin, if overly cooked, would be very dry.  But Ribs managed to make it very tender and juicy, which was enjoyable.  The sweet sauce tasted quite good, with a well combination of different flavours.  To add flavours to the palate is the refreshing, sweet tomato salsa.  Overall, very satisfied.

KS took the RIB's Baby Back Pork Ribs (RM 32.90) served on top of mashed potato, with salad on the side.  There were 2 choices of sauce - smokey barbecue or honey mustard sauce.  Thinking of trying something different, we opted for the honey mustard sauce.  Well, honey mustard is not such a bad idea because it actually tasted quite nice, but I think the BBQ sauce would have been a better match.

The portion is quite big, and every piece of the grilled ribs are quite meaty.  However, I felt the meat was a bit on the dry side.  They even gave extra servings of the sauce, although I felt there were more than enough on the ribs already.  Too bad the salad was a bit little and seemed quite pathetic sitting next to the ribs.  Well, luckily the pork loin came with a lot of cabbage, which KS can "steal" from.

We then came back another weekend for lunch to try their famous Reverse Pork Burger (RM 33).  A piece of burger sandwiched in between two juicy, handmade pork patties served with bacon, caramelized pineapple, and cheese - it is a combination to die for.

Boy, did it smell good, especially that fragrant bacon.  I almost couldn't help devouring into it as soon as it reached in front of me but I just had to take pictures of this beautifully laid out masterpiece first.

The pork patties were well-seasoned and juicy (I rated the juiciness as medium because I think it could be more juicy, but still good enough).  Combined with the salty bacon and caramelized, sweet pineapple, this Hawaiian-style burger was totally delicious.  Not to forget, I loved the toasted, buttery burger bread that goes with it.  If only they gave another slice of that burger (then it wouldn't be called a reverse burger, would it?).

Definitely will come back especially for the pork loin and the burger.  Yummy!

As Ribs @ Oasis is pretty small, it would probably not able to accommodate many at a time, especially during dinner time.  So, it is highly advisable to make reservations earlier to prevent disappointment as we saw many being turned away due to the limited seats available.

Ribs @ Oasis
Lot 1-1, B04 Oasis Complex
No 2, Tengkat Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel:  03-77298921

GPS:  3.150479,101.610198

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