Saturday, 8 December 2012

Dinner @ In House Cafe, Sunway Giza Mall

Before our desserts at 9 Berries, we had to have dinner somewhere.  Spotting a new, brightly lit store, we decided to try out this local 24-hour HK-style cafe, In House Cafe @ Sunway Giza Mall.

Their menu is very well presented and colourful.  Unfortunately, it is really a matter of "for illustration purposes only".

As I was still stuffed from lunch, I ordered something light.  Looking through the menu, the Fried Egg Shanghai Noodle Soup (RM 8.90) caught my attention.  What looked like pieces of omelette laid out on top of a bowl of noodle soup, it turned out to be an omelette laid on top of fried egg noodle served with gravy.  Looks like the interpretation of soup is very different.  But despite the mix-up, I decided to let it go and enjoy the meal since I was getting hungry.  Unfortunately, the taste was just so-so.  Gravy was pretty much tasteless, and portion was quite small.  Luckily, the omelette saved the dish.

KS ordered the Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Chop (RM 13.90).  Cheese baked rice is something that can hardly go wrong.  Unfortunatly, In House's cheese baked rice failed in many ways.  The first was the rice - it was watery and barely had much taste.  Secondly, the cheese was not fragrant enough, although if it had not been the cheese, the dish was bland.  Thirdly, is the portion.  What looked like is a big portion, but in fact, it was served on a shallow plate.

In House Cafe charges a 10% service charge, which I strongly felt is not worth it because service was pretty bad.  Despite ringing the "call" button numerous time, no one bothered to come to our table.

In House Cafe
A-8-G, Ground Floor
Sunway Giza Mall
Jalan PJU 5/14
Dataran Sunway
47810 Kota Damansara

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