Sunday, 10 March 2013

DIY: Chicken Ham, Mushroom & Cabbage Pasta

Wanting to make a simple and quick dinner, I resorted to cooking a tasty pasta dish with chicken ham, mushrooms and sliced cabbage.  Totally loved the cabbage as it gives so much natural sweetness to the sauce.  To add a bit of peppery taste, I have included some chopped capsicum.

Cooking pasta is really very fast and easy - almost a fool-proof dish.  For some, the fastest way is to just dump all the ingredients into the sauce, let it simmer before adding in the cooked pasta.

However, I usually like to "treat" each ingredient individually first before combining them altogether as this additional step plays a very important role to build up the fragrance and flavour.  For instance, pan-fried the ham until golden brown and sweating the vegetables and mushrooms.  A bit more time consuming though, but I find this an opportunity to clean up the kitchen while waiting.
Chicken ham
Button mushroom
Red capsicum
Tomato-based pasta sauce
Pepper & salt to taste

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