Thursday, 8 November 2012

Steamed Tilapia @ Kedai Makan Lan Je, Rawang

When it comes to steamed fish, it can’t be denied that Lan Je has become a common household name.  It became so popular that there are at least three other branches around Klang Valley.  So, I convinced KS to bring me to the place where Lan Je first started the famous steamed fish – Kedai Makan Lan Je @ Rawang.

You don’t get a lot of choice here – only one type of fish cooked in one style.  The only thing you can customize is whether to have it spicy or not.

The signature dish, obviously, is the Steamed Tilapia fish, steamed with a lot of minced garlic and ginger, served in soy sauce.  If you opt for the spicy version, then chopped cili padi will be added.

Here at Lan Je, the policy is that one person gets one fish and so, the fish is not very big.  If you want to solely eat fish, then it is advisable to order one for each person.  Otherwise, one is sufficient for two person.

The fish is very juicy and fresh, which I believed is because they have maintained the quality by rearing the fish themselves.  The minced garlic and ginger are also very helpful in removing the fishy smell, making the dish nice and addictive.

Besides the signature dish, there were other side dishes, but KS warned me that these other side dishes may not be very interesting to shout about.  In fact, I beg to differ because the other two side dishes that we ordered – Stir-fried Yau Mak & Minced Meat Tofu – were also quite tasty.  Presentation-wise, they may look a bit unappetizing, but it is flavourful (confirmed it is not because of MSG).

Of course, if you were expecting variety of dishes, then you will be disappointed because choices are pretty limited.  The good side is you do not need to stress your brain to decide what to order.

The stall is pretty clean and they have installed cooler fans in the premises, so you don’t need to worry on a hot weather.

Now, I have heard of horror stories about how long the wait (for a table) can be.  So, do be prepared if you intend to dine here because tables are very limited and the serving time can be a little slow.

As for us, we were pretty lucky as we came after the peak lunch hours and so, waiting was not that bad.  Would definitely come back for a meal again.

Kedai Makan Lan Je
27-28, Block C
Jalan Rawang
Gerai MPS, Batu 16

GPS: 3.305728, 101.591931

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