Monday, 17 September 2012

Pork Rib Ramen @ On Ramen, Hay Street, Sydney

I came here once 4 years ago and after trying it, I immediately fell in love with On Ramen @ Hay Street.  Although there are a few other good ramen stalls around in Sydney, but I find their broth being the better one.

First thing on the menu which caught my attention (which I ultimately ordered) is the Tenderous Pork Rib Ramen (AUD 12.90).  Their signature Tonkotsu-based (pork bone broth) ramen with tender braised pork ribs, served with half-boiled egg, seaweed and marinated bamboo shoots, is just so good and yummy-licious.

The ramen is not too overcooked and is quite springy.  Tasted lovely with the soup, which I find very flavourful and packed with lots of collagen.  You will definitely want to finish every drop of that lovely, concentrated soup.  However, I did find it a bit salty after a while, which is fine as you can wash down the saltiness with a complimentary glass of lemon-infused water.

But the highlight of this bowl of delicious ramen is the pork ribs.  The juicy ribs, with edible soft bones, are braised until the meat can be gently pulled off - that is how tender it is.  Wonderfully cooked and well-marinated!  Plus, they were very generous with the ribs (maybe around 3-4 pieces, if I am not mistaken).  Definitely worth the price.

Although this shop is tucked deep inside away from the main streets, but if you walked from Central Station towards Chinatown, you will easily find this shop.  This tiny shop is very warm and cosy (despite the strong,cold winds outside).  Service is quick and friendly.  Highly recommended for a quick, satisfying meal.

On Ramen
No. 4, 181-187 Hay Street
Sydney, Australia

Opens daily, 11am - 10pm

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