Friday, 31 January 2014

Curry Chicken Bun @ Lucky Seafood Restaurant, Port Dickson

When it comes to Port Dickson, the one popular thing that tops any foodie's must-eat is none other than Lucky Kings Bun's gigantic curry chicken bun at Lucky Seafood Restaurant @ Taman Aman, Port Dickson.  The curry chicken wrapped inside a shiny-golden brown bun (RM 28) is large enough to feed up to 4 people.  With chicken, potatoes and bread, it is a complete meal on its own.

The moment the bun and the foil covering the curry was opened, we are welcomed with a strong aromatic smell, leaving us with this sudden urge to dive in immediately.  Obviously, we didn't.

The curry is thick with a creamy texture - the perfect consistency for dipping with bread.  You will notice that the curry actually focuses more on the use of spices and is on the sweeter end, without a lot of heat.  Nonetheless, the spices were well-used and is not too overbearing.  In fact, in my opinion, it sort of resembles Indian curry.  Taste-wise, it is packed with a lot of flavour.  Plus, the curry doesn't feel too oily.

Although I didn't eat much of the chicken (I was focusing more on the bread and curry), they were quite juicy and not over-cooked.  The potatoes (my favourite) were nicely cooked through and have absorbed a lot of the flavours of the curry.

Of course, any curry experience wouldn't be complete without the bread dipped in the sinful curry.  The soft and fluffy bread has a strong buttery taste and although it goes very well with the creamy curry, we find it was slightly on the oilier side (and probably a bit contradicting with the strong flavours of the curry and santan).  A plain fluffy bread would have matched the delicious curry chicken better.

Overall, the curry chicken is very good on its own (oh my, looking at the pics is already making me salivating) and if the bun is less buttery, it would have been perfect.  But nevertheless, it is still a very good dish that will bring definitely me back here again for another round.

There are also other versions of this specialty - tung po pork and curry pork.  Unfortunately, when we visited Lucky Seafood, there was only the famous chicken curry bun.  Well, that gives me a better reason to come back!

Restoran Lucky (P.D.) Seafood
No 4366, Taman Aman
Jalan Bandar Lukut
71010 Port Dickson
GPS: 2.568634,101.8283
Tel: 06-6512392
Open: 11.30 a.m. -11 p.m.

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