Saturday, 4 January 2014

“Ho Chiak” Thai Food @ Thai Ho Chiak, Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya

Thai Ho Chiak @ Seksyen 19, when pronounced, would have sounded like the hokkien phrase for "very delicious".  It was such a catchy name, as well as having a very outstanding signage, I am very tempted to try this place each time we passed by when heading towards SS2.  As the name suggests, the food was indeed commendable.

The way to judge the quality of a Thai restaurant is to sample its tom yum soup and so, it was no surprise to see the Chicken Tom Yum (RM 25) on our table.

Firstly, I am very impressed that Thai Ho Chiak has replaced the usual bland boneless chicken meats for chicken meat that actually has skin and bones still intact (my mum always says anything cooked with bones has the best flavour - she's never wrong).  The best part is that the chicken has been deep-fried first and hence, gave an added fragrant flavour to the soup.  Despite that, the soup was nowhere near oily, which is fantastic.  On top of that, chicken was plentiful - it was more than enough for the two of us.

Another thing I love about this tom yum is that it comes with plenty of vegetables – cabbage, tomatoes and mushrooms.  On its own, it is already a complete dish.  Soup-wise, it is quite hot and a little on the saltier side.  The tanginess is a bit lacking and doesn't have the kind of kick that will send you wiggling but we still find it very flavourful.

We also ordered the Stir-fry Kai Lan with Pork Belly (RM 12).  You'd be surprise of how fresh and crisp the kai lan is - totally love it.  Just lightly stir-fried with garlic, it was sweet and simple.  They were also very generous with the thick slices of pork belly.

At RM 1.50, the portion size of the white rice was surprisingly huge too.  Even KS could barely finish his and half of mine (which he usually does).

Generally, we felt the taste has sort of been localized to resemble more of a Chinese cuisine, with a wide range of Chinese lookalike dishes on the menu.  Nevertheless, the food is good and reasonably priced.  Definitely worth a visit.

The restaurant is air-conditioned and very comfortable, with good service.  Seats are pretty limited for small groups of diners as most tables accommodate for larger groups.  So, if you're thinking of a family dinner occasion, you may want to consider Thai Ho Chiak.

Thai Ho Chiak
No 2, Jalan 19/3
Section 19
46300 Petaling Jaya

GPS:  3.117671,101.629095

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