Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Italian meal @ Favola, Le Meridien

Stepping into this fine-dining Italian restaurant is like stepping into an era of the long forgotten past, with its beautiful and rustic Italian setting especially the wall decorated with various Venetian masquerade masks.  With such good reviews about the food and ambiance, we decided to celebrate our anniversary here at Favola @ Le Meridien Hotel.

Served complimentary is their selection of freshly-baked breads, accompanied with three different dipping - balsamic vinegar with olive oil, spicy carrot truffle oil and sweet guacamole.  The bread were crispy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside.  Each with a different flavour, they smell so good.  In particular, I loved the bread with the sun-dried tomatoes - fragrant and so flavourful.  

Be gentle on them, because they are really good and you'll most likely end up finishing them (which may probably not be a very good idea since these are supposed to be just snacks).

For starters or antipasto (the before-the-meal), we ordered the Rucola e Salsiccia Anatra (RM 35), which was recommended in a few blogs I read.  

This antipasto is arugula/salad rocket served with chunks of pear, gorgonzola cheese, duck sausage and toasted walnut, drizzled with some balsamic dressing.

While this is quite a refreshing starter with a few distinct flavours kicking in at the same time, I find this so-so only because somehow, the dish seemed to be missing a link to connect all these different ingredients together.  Put in another way, eating them separately tasted with more sense.  Not really my cup of tea.

Next is the Zuppa di Fungi Calabrese (RM 35), which is mushroom soup, served with garlic & Swiss cheese bread.  Every spoon of it is bursting with the rich flavours of various mushrooms.

The mushrooms were not blended until very fine, so you can still feel small bits of mushrooms swimming in your mouth.  As they have used milk instead of cream, the texture is lighter and smoother - not overly creamy.  Really a delicious bowl of soup.  It is quite a big portion but luckily, I have KS to share it with me - it would be totally a bummer if I am already full to the brim at the appetizer stage.

As I was drooling for some cheesy pizza (a must in every Italian cuisine), I had the house special Favola Pizza (RM 40).  This 10-inch pizza is topped with slices of tomato, fresh mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, olive oil and basil pesto.

It may looked very simple, but the ingredients combined very well to give a flavourful bite.  The cheese was not too strong and overwhelming, which I kinda preferred   Only the thin-crust pizza base was a bit too dry and charcoal-taste for my liking.

KS selected the Lasagna al Forno (RM 55) for mains.  Served in a small ceramic dishware, this traditional beef bolognese with chunky Wagyu beef cheek layered with fresh homemade pasta, golden-brown cheese crust and truffle oil looks very appetizing.  The beef bolognese was cooked in a very rich, flavourful tomato-based sauce, with a hint of herby flavour.  Each spoon of this lovely pasta was heavenly, especially the juicy melt-in-the-mouth meat.

To end, we ordered the Doppio Espresso Crostata (RM 30), which is a rich double espresso tart with fresh Chantilly cream, accompanied by raspberry fruit sauce and fresh mixed berries.  The tart is so adorable and super delicious.  For espresso lovers, this dessert is definitely a must.  Combined with the sweet raspberry sauce and acidic berries, it soften the pungent and bitter taste of the espresso, creating a beautiful balance of flavours.

We also ordered a cup of freshly brewed Illy Cappucino (RM 18) served with a piece of crunchy almond biscotti to complete the Italian experience.

While it may be a pricey experience, it is totally worth it to enjoy a delicious meal in a lovely, quiet setting.  Service was quite good, until when it became very packed after 7, of which it became a bit difficult to catch their attention.  Otherwise, a fantastic, memorable dinner.

Level 8
Le Meridien Hotel
2, Jalan Stesen Sentral 
50470 Kuala Lumpur

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