Sunday, 26 August 2012

Black Tea Roses Mooncake @ Purple Cane

It's that time of the year again where mooncakes are now seen almost everywhere, where bakeries and restaurants have already filled their shelves with this traditional delicacy.  This sweet pastry is a must at every Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节), or commonly known as the Mooncake festival.

Purple Cane, a popular tea house in Malaysia, offers a range of tea-infused mooncakes.  As this is something new to us, we decided to try one before actually buying a whole lot.  As recommended by the saleslady, we bought the Black Tea Rose Lotus Paste Mooncake (RM 8.70).

The pastry crust of the mooncake was added with ground black tea leaves while the lotus paste is infused with fragrant rose petals.  As you slowly sample the mooncake, you can savour the delicate and flavourful lotus paste.  The fragrance of the rose is not too strong until it overwhelms the lotus paste.  My parents really loved it, and so did we.

Purple Cane's tea mooncake is very suitable for those who are health-concious as it is not too sweet and not oily.  Add a pot of freshly brewed tea and it will be a perfect match.

A very unique thing about Purple Cane's mooncake is the way the mooncake is packaged.  Packed in a plastic, microvable container, the packaging is very cute.  It is very convenient, and definitely a good, hygienic way to store any leftovers (which I doubt there will be any) without having to scramble around to search for one.

The only setback is that the mooncake is a bit tiny than usual.  Weighing only 100g, you'll most likely able to make 6 slices only.

But despite that, I still prefer Purple Cane's mooncake given the quality that it offers.  As this is a once a year affair, why not just splurge a little bit for your loved ones to enjoy this healthier delicacy while slowly sipping hot tea under the full moon.

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