Friday, 15 June 2012

Kuching: bing! Coffee

Starbucks.  Coffee Bean.  These are the usual names you hear when you mentioned coffee.

But here in Kuching, the place to go for a cup of good gourmet coffee is bing! Coffee.

We decided to stop by one of the outlets to try their coffee @ Hills Shopping Mall, right next to Pullman Hotel.  As the weather was super hot, we ordered cold drinks instead:  ice-blended mocha & ice-blended chocolate.

Ice-blended mocha for me, topped with generous amount of whipped cream & cocoa powder.  The  taste is very rich and creamy - definitely a lot of chocolate.  The coffee part is also flavourful (that's because they used Illy beans, so the quality is there).

Ice-blended chocolate for KS, topped with whipped cream & drizzled with chocolate syrup.  This is even super chocolaty.  If you're a fan of chocolate, this is pure indulgence.  I can't believe how much calories I will put on if I drank the whole glass.  Haha :P

If you wanna find a place to relax & recharge on a hot sunny day, or sit around with friends & chat, you should try bing! Coffee.

The ambience is very cosy (and very good air-con), you'll feel like at home.  The staff are also very friendly.

BTW, you can only find bing! Coffee in Kuching.  So, I guess this should be a Kuching specialty? :)

bing! Coffee (Hills Shopping Mall @ Interhill Place)
Lot. 27, 270 and 276, Section 47 at Jalan Mathies, KTLD
Kuching, Sarawak.

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